How Do I Change my IP Address to Hide my Location?

Casual Approach to Change IP Address

These days getting information online is not hard you can surf through different web servers to get in contact with the needful information and how do I change my IP for example? Should IP be changed ever? If so, why from others? These are pretty interesting question for any beginner in the Internet technology. Internet surfers will take a fraction of a second to identify reasons and methods to change static IP or Dynamic IP address effortlessly. Do you know, IP address forums are the right place for the people to get solution for the Internet users. If you are not able to comprehend then make an attempt of changing IP address by following the steps described in the paragraph below.

A simple method to change IP address is by turning off your cable or DSL modem for at least a few minutes. If it doesn’t replace the existing IP, then repeat the process for next 8 hours, and usually overnight it works. In any given case, if your IP address doesn’t show any response to your actions, then the ISP DHCP configuration will be the detrimental. For any dynamic IP address, you will have to take up the following measures.

Window Connected Directly to Modem

Enter into the command prompt and start the run command, and after which you must type in “ipconfig /release” and “ipconfig /renew”

In another case, the computer may be directly connected to the modem, get the command prompt, start the run command, type in ipconfig/release without quotes, and shut down the computer, turn off computer, You will have to turn off all Ethernet switches, cables, and keep it in this status through overnight, and turn on all following morning.

New IP via Router Network

Get in contact with the router, by choosing the IP address, which gets you connected to the router administrator console. Every router manufacturer provides different methods to release the IP address, after that, turn off the router, Ethernet hubs, and Cable or DSL modem. Through the night leave the computer ports turn off. After turning on the computer, your ISP DHCP will issue a new IP which is dependent on the MAC hardware address on the computer Ethernet. Another method is to operate the clone MAC address option.

Web Servers Masks Your IP

Web servers are an alternative means to serve users to hide IP and change the location of the HTTP header to any destination viewer. However, proxy rental service can provide a free demo tool to experience the cloud technology features. Users can very carefully deploy the software on the desktop, and after that make the selection of the desired IP and the location.


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